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Bring the outdoors into your living space

Gordon specialized in panoramas, which can be placed over a sofa, above a fireplace mantel, or they can decorate the area above the headboard in a bedroom. To fill a more square wall area they can be stacked one above the other, with complementary themes. Gordon can help you match scenes, but a careful perusal of this website can lead to some good choices also.

Gordon's preferred frame style is the rustic barnwood-style frame, which is a pleasing gray-brown. To contrast with walls that have a similar tone, black and dark brown can be added to the stain. This always works very well. In addition to these options Gordon keeps in stock black metal moulding which has that sleek modern look, for a more minimalist decor.

While it does not happen a lot, it is quite possible to bring in factory frames from a supplier such as House of Frames in Edmonton. Also Gordon can provide a canvas or panel-mounted print.

To fill special spaces Gordon can provide a print of any size or shape. In all specialty cases simply ask for a quote. Email to gordonhiebert@gmail.com

Pic 01

Lighter Living Room Setting

Prints with frame, made to fit and match any size wall space. Send your measurements, or even a photo of the wall, and I can send you back my ideas.

Pic 02

Darker Living Room Setting

Select the right image to match your decor. Color tone of frame can be adjusted to match wall color; a common adjustment is to add a black glaze to the barnwood.

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